Sunday, April 12, 2015

A few letters from Libraians ~

From:  Rhonda McKinney, East Elementary, Hallsville, TX


Cindy Duncan and Grace Anne are the dynamic duo! The moment they arrived at our school, the fun and learning began.  With a background in counseling and a love for rescuing animals, Cindy Duncan shared heart-felt stories that discussed character traits, bullying issues, and love for one another.  Grace Anne, her three-legged dog, was a wonderful example to the students of what love can do. My students loved interacting with her. It was a pleasure to have Cindy and Grace Anne at our school and we can’t wait until the next book comes out!

Lucyann Hopkins

Life Skills Teacher

San Augustine Middle and High Schools

San Augustine, Texas 75972



April 10, 2015



To Whom it May Concern:


Cindy Anne Duncan and Grace Anne visited our Life Skills classroom three years ago to introduce Ms Duncan's new book, Grace Anne Learns to Tell the Truth.  The author was kind enough to give each student a personal autographed copy of the book after she read the story to them.  Each student was speechless and awed by the fact that the author and main character of the book actually visited them in person.  


After hearing the reading and looking at their own book, each student was allowed to interact with Grace Anne by petting, pushing her in a stroller, having a picture made with her and Ms Duncan and asking questions about her. 


The students have fond memories of Ms Duncan and Grace Anne's visit and enjoy looking at the pictures from the event.  We look forward to having Cindy Anne and Grace Anne return for another visit.





Lucyann Hopkins and the Life Skills Class

San Augustine Independent School District


To whom it may concern,


        First Methodist Day School was pleased to host a

book signing event for Mrs. Duncan. The kids all gathered in beard hall for a reading of Grace Anne Learns to Tell the Truth. The students and staff alike thoroughly enjoyed the book. Mrs. Duncan brought along her pal Grace Anne for the kids to meet. That made the book extra special. After the reading Mrs. Duncan signed copies of the book for each class and the kids who purchased the book! We look forward to her coming again soon.



                                                            Allison Jimerson

                                                            FMDS Director


216 North Bolivar

Marshall, TX 75670





Cindy Anne Duncan recently participated in a program at the Michelson Museum.

She read the book, Grace Anne Learns to Tell the Truth. The program was a great hit with the children, and all the staff at the Michelson agreed with the children. The story was also a good moral lesson for the children that will serve them well in the future.


We appreciate the time she devoted to the program and hope that she will participate in some of our future events.


Willa Wood Berryman



School Services Coordinator

April 9, 2015


Amy Timmons

Pine Tree Primary School
P.O. Box 5878
Longview TX 75608

RE: Cindy Duncan & Grace Anne Visit

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what a wonderful experience it was to have Ms. Duncan and Grace Anne visit our school.  They visited us during March 2015. Our students, pre-k and kindergarten, as well as staff were captivated with their visit.

Ms. Duncan’s books are not only fun to read, but have an underlying lesson that allows for important conversation with students. With Grace Anne being special, in that she only has three legs, provides a much needed opportunity to discuss differences and uniqueness of individuals.

It is my plan to have Ms. Duncan and Grace Anne visit our school again .  I hope that Ms. Duncan and Grace Anne are able to touch the lives of as many as she can, especially children.


Amy Timmons
Pine Tree Primary Library


·        Apr 8 at 1:22 PM


To: Whom It May Concern

Author Cindy Anne Duncan has visited Trinity Episcopal School on several occasions. She has always been well received by our preschool, kindergarten, and lower elementary classes. Her entertaining presentations and sharing of her books with her dog Grace Ann delighted the children. 

I have found her to be energetic and enthusiastic about her writing and literacy for children.



Peggy Elliott


Trinity Episcopal School

Marshall, Texas


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Someone is snooping" around on Momma's desk!

             Grace Anne is trying to find out just where her next "ADVENTURE" will be this week!!
                                        She has a "GREAT" adventure planned next week! 
                                               Making new friends at Pewitt Elementary! 
           And the week after that she is in for a VERY big "ADVENTURE" for she is headed
                                                                   to Austin!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

There she is!

                                       Found her...Grace Anne simply loved the "Campground"


Students taking the Grace Anne Pledge!

        Discussing  the discussion page with students eager to learn!

Where is Grace Anne?